Brothers 4 Christ Conference and Retreat

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)

Hermit Basin Christian Conference Center 1699 Camino Drive, Westcliffe Colorado , 1699 Camino Drive, Westcliffe Colorado

NEW PRICE CHANGE! NOW FOR ONE DAY IS ONLY $65 (including meals) AND FOR TWO DAYS IS ONLY $85 (including meals AND lodging). This is amazing! Please get registered immediately as registration will close soon on the 15th of March! Barry has been the Minister of Music for this precious event for well over a decade. The Holy Spirit is definitely present as these men gather to grow closer to the LORD. Please consider joining them! This is NOT limited to Custer County or even the state of Colorado! All men are welcome! Check out their website to register Even though we are not at present able to offer any scholarships which includes Pastors, we have a new restructured price Both days plus lodging is now only $85.00 One day of your choice is only $65.00 Checks must be mailed in as posted on the website